Moon / Dust

After having used disposable ballpoint pens for the past few years, my childhood interest of fountain pens was recently perked by a friend. I have begun rekindle my avid interest for fountain pens, which had been dissipated by their gradual disappearance from the shelves of conventional stationary stores.

One of my first steps, was to reach back into my childhood belongings. I also signed up for The Goulet Pen Conpany’s Monthly Ink Drop, became a member of the Fountain Pen Network and finally made a few purchases on Amazon, TheGouletPenCompany and eBay.

As a fountain pen enthusiast, traditionally, one my roles is to review ink samples. Albeit, I’m not the first FPenthusiast on the internet, I will appreciate any constructive criticism to improve my work.

Nuff’ said,

The J. Herbin Poussière de Lune, which basically means: Moon Dust, for those of us that don’t speak French (Thanks Google Translate!). It belongs to the J. Herbin’s The Jewel of Inks (”La Perle des Encres”) series. The ink is a foggy/misty deep purple hue, which makes the name seems appropriate. In addition, most notable about about J. Herbin inks is that they are one the oldest producers of ink, that is still produced in the traditional organic method.

Thanks Goulet Pens!


Moderation / Perfectionism

“When you are fitted in a racing car and you race to win, second or third place is not enough. ” – Ayrton Senna

Prior to today, I had no knowledge of Ayrton Senna. A man who was famed for his compassion, brazenness,  and instinctive race car driving skills. While watching a recent Top Gear episode, dedicated in memory of this race car driver, I immediately felt a deep sense of connection, as well as awe and respect for the man. Though Top Gear itself is a superb television show, reading more about Senna, made me idolize him further. Is it truly better to follow the Buddhist principles of life, and observe moderation in all things. Or should we, scale the limits that we set for ourselves and reach beyond them. Being a perfectionist has its failings, the most prominent being a constant resentment at the the slightest flaws in our not-so-perfect lives. And, yet it is this perfectionist attitude that separates the normal from the great and the legendary. Men like Ayrton Senna, live on in our memories for their awe-inspiring perfectionism and disdain of the worldly virtues.

What is your virtue?

the intellectualist

Welcome / Genius

“Genius is an African who dreams up snow.” – Vladimir Nabokov

After spending a few minutes considering the perfect beginning to a blog, I decided on creating a signature. A form that could be maintained through every post. Order that would unite the ubiquitous chaos of any blog. And then amidst a moment of pure genius, I had made my decision.

the intellectualist